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Railing Installation

Imagine having to climb and descend a winding flight of stairs many stories tall that didn’t have any railings—it’s a scary thought. As a railing installation company in Charlotte, NC, Watson Steel and Iron Works LLC provides the infrastructure that gives you something to safely lean on in many different environments.

Lots of Applications

As you well know, railing installation is important for stairwells, but that’s not all: Decks, platforms, shallow rises, loading docks, and crowd control areas all require railing installation. Whatever your appropriate need is for railing installation, Watson Steel and Iron Works LLC is fully equipped to provide this service—a service that largely completes a range of projects, from home renovations to commercial construction.

Our scope of railing installation services at Watson Steel and Iron Works LLC is quite broad, and we’re staffed with professionals who can answer your railing-related questions. Give us a call and tell us about what you need done so we can get started.


Railing items that work on:


  • Railings
  • Steel Railings
  • Iron Railings
  • Metal Railings
  • Aluminum Railings
  • Deck Railings
  • Hand Rails
  • Balcony Railings
  • Porch Railings